Everyone has questions and we are happy to answer them. If your specific question is not in this list please call us at 859-431-5000.

Q. How far can I ship something? Can I ship anywhere in the country?
A. Yes you can ship anywhere in the United States and Canada.

Q. How can I ensure that my package(s) will be safe along the way?
A. We are constantly aware of and working for safe transportation of shipments locally or long distance. We use a number of protective devices and practices. We have equipped our trucks with sleepers, stabilizer legs, and e-tracks. We also use protective blankets, tie downs, adjustable straps, and many more pieces of shipment protection.

Q. Do you offer insurance?
A. Every delivery automatically has standard insurance. If you need extra coverage, we also offer custom insurance coverage.

Q. How much will it cost to ship something?
A. The cost of shipping is dependent on the size, type, weight, and other details of the load and its destination.  There is no way to create a chart with accurate prices.  Call or fax us.  There is always someone available to answer your questions.  Phone 859-431-5000 or 859-491-6969   Fax 859-431-8318

Q. Do you offer expedited delivery?
A. Absolutely. Additionally, we will always give you an estimated time of delivery before we start driving.

Q. Do you do price matching?
A. We often do. We will match or beat reasonable prices from competitors, just ask us!

Q. Do you have limits on the weight you can carry?
A. We have limits that vary by vehicle. Please call our office to get an estimate of the most efficient vehicle to carry your load.