Local or Speedy Delivery

Need a package to go to an office across town or to an office two towns away, we will send one of our cars or small pickup trucks (with toppers). We have a great deal of experience in handling same day deliveries. We have several trained drivers available for these rush deliveries.The package you need delivered can weigh from mere ounces up to 600 pounds.

Call 859-431-5000 for pricing and delivery time.

Cargo Van

You will see our cargo vans all over the region. We use them for scheduled, routine, and unusual need deliveries. Often Red Express can save you money by doing your routine deliveries. We already have the equipment and the drivers. You do what you do best. We take care of the deliveries.We also offer a replacement driver service. If your driver is on vacation or ill, we will drive your route until your driver returns.

Call 859-431-5000 for information and pricing on all of these services.

Refrigerated Trucks

Our refrigerated trucks are designed to protect your shipment. Whether you need your load chilled, refrigerated, or frozen. We will deliver on time and in perfect condition. We will take your load anywhere you need for it to go in the United States or Canada. Our trucks are equipped not only with refrigeration equipment but also with backup generators and other load protection items. We take care of your load.We also work to isolate the use of each of our refrigerated trucks so today’s flowers don’t smell like yesterday’s vegetables or fish. Call 859-431-5000.

Over the Road Trucks

We have 24 and 26 ft straight trucks and flat beds. We will carry your load anywhere in the United States and Canada. We are experts at securing loads so they ride safely to any destination. We have load bars, straps, containers inside the truck, and a dozen other ways to insure the stability and safe transportation of your load. Call our box truck/flat bed specialist at 859-491-6969